Worship: What to Bring…

“O.k. let’s see…

Bible. . . check

Notepad. . . check

Guitar/(instrument). . . check

Trendy outfit. . . check

Big smile. . . check

Your heart. . . uhhh…”

“Your greatest challenge is what you yourself bring to the platform each and every Sunday. Your heart.”

Your heart seems like an easy enough thing to remember to bring, but it’s often overlooked or neglected.

“For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks.” Luke 6.45b (NIV)

What we fill our hearts with will eventually come out…it has too. Whether that is through our eyes or our ears it all filters to the heart. It is vitally important to watch what goes into our hearts.

“Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.”       Proverbs 4.23 (NLT)

One thing to remember is that worship is life. Worship is so much more than the 25 min on a Sunday morning or Wednesday night. Worship is daily. Worship is everything we do, say, and think.

“… worship isn’t primarily about music, techniques, liturgies, songs, or methodologies. It’s about our hearts. It’s about what and who we love more than anything.” Bob Kauflin

Before we ever set foot on the stage to lead…

Before we begin to tune our instruments and warm-up our throats…

Before we ever sing or play that first note…

We need to check our hearts. . . because the rest will follow.

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