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Vision. Passion. Burnout…

Don’t let this cycle happen to you.

You have finally found the vision for your life. You know what you are passionate about, and what you feel called to do. Then you take the plunge…you go for it. Everything is great for awhile. You work non-stop and love what you are doing, but then something happens. You forget to take a break. You don’t set clear boundaries. Soon enough, you don’t want to do what you once loved. You’ve become burned out.

It happens all too often.

I’ve been there too…plenty of times.

I finally said enough! I know what I’m passionate about and I feel like I know what I’m called to do. And I absolutely love doing it, and that’s how I want to keep it. The simple truth is that we cannot be effective in what God has called us to do when we are burnt out and at a loss of passion.

That’s one of the main reasons why I wrote my ebook, Refresh. Renew. Repeat. I wanted to share what I have learned along the way in finding your calling and avoiding burn out so you and I can be effective and healthy in reaching others.

Today, I would like to give away my ebook to 5 people.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below telling me the last time you felt burned out.

{I will notify winners via email}

If you are not a winner, the ebook is just $1 :) HERE

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  • Spencer

    I felt burned out trying mobilize my friends toward thinking globally..

    • jrwallace

      I get that. It can be a tough thing.

  • Vinnymwano

    I felt burned out trying to get the world know the truth about KONY and certain causes in the world. burnt out trying to unblind my friends. 

  • adamrothjohnson

    this book looks really interesting. I am just coming out of a “burn out” season. thankful I have gained a new sense of passion for what I’m doing.

    • jrwallace

      I have been there man. Glad you have your passion back as well. 

  • Your Cousin KellKell

    Hi John!  It is so wonderful to see that you wrote your very own e-book. :)
    Keep up the good work and God bless!

    Ps- I feel burnt out every day while doing school work, but I keep on doing it anyway because I know eventually it will pay off when I become a teacher. In turn, I have already begun to hope and pray I won’t get burnt out as a teacher! haha! :)

    • jrwallace

      Hey Kelly!
      I can imagine teaching being draining…but keep at it. It definitely is worth it!

  • Alyssa Zantello

    Definitely feeling burned out now… Searching for some vision and a goal to work towards. Just finished an e-book on having a mission. Looking to keep finding more answers and get back on track. Congrats on writing a book too!

    • jrwallace

      Hi Alyssa!!!
      Well it looks like this ebook could come in handy 😉 But yea, feeling burned out is no fun. Ill keep you in prayer. Your ebook so pretty cool too, I’ll have to check that out.